How to Take Screenshot on Windows with Just a Command

When it comes to capturing the screenshots on a Windows PC, we all start thinking of the PrintScreen key on the keyboard. Similarly, some people will talk about large screen capture software like TechSmith SnagIt. But you can take all your screenshots very easily using a small command line utility called NirCmd. This tool works on all versions of Windows and has many more useful features built into a mere 100 KB program.

If you want to take full-screen screenshot on a Windows PC, then you can use the popular NirCmd command line utility. We have to give just one command like this: nircmdc savescreenshot c:\pics\screen.png

In this command, we are saving the screenshot image to a PNG image file. This takes the screenshot of the whole screen and saves it to the file. But what if you want to take screenshot of only a particular area?

If you want to take the screenshot of a rectangular region, then you have to specify the coordinates of that rectangular. For example, nircmdc savescreenshot c:\pics\screen.jpg 10 10 800 600

In this command, we are taking screenshot of a rectangular region with top-left coordinates (10, 10) in pixels. It has width of 800 pixels and height of 600 pixels.

NirCmd Take Screenshot

If you want to take the screenshot of the active window in foreground, then we can have a special command for that too. In this case, we can use the command nircmdc savescreenshotwin c:\pics\screen.bmp

Similarly, if you have a Windows PC with multiple monitors connected to it, and you want to take the screenshot of all the monitors, then we can use a command like this nircmdc savescreenshotfull c:\pics\screen.png

In addition if you want it to wait a few seconds before actually taking the screenshot then you can modify the command with the wait switch in this manner: nircmdc savescreenshot wait 5000 c:\pics\screen.png

In the above command, it is going to wait 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds) before capturing the screen.

Using just one simple NirCmd utility, we can take all the screenshots on a Windows PC. It can save the screenshots into JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF image files.

You can download NirCmd command line utility from

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