MouseAxisLocker : Restrict Axial Mouse Movement on Windows

On Windows computers employed at critical places in scientific, medical or engineering instruments, it is highly desired to restrict the movement of a mouse cursor to certain area of the screen to avoid unintentional mistakes. Such mistakes can cost dearly when it happens at places medical facilities both in terms of equipment and risk to life.

In order to restrict the mouse movement on a computer screen, some companies use macros or scripts while others depend on specially designed software like MouseAxisLocker. It is a unique software of its own kind that can be used to lock the mouse cursor movement.

MouseAxisLocker is a portable application and can be launched on your Windows PC without having to install anything. In its window, we can set four hotkeys for locking the mouse movement in four directions. There is a hotkey Ctrl+1 for locking the movement in the horizontal direction. Another hotkey Ctrl+2 locks the mouse cursor movement in the vertical direction. Similarly, Ctrl+3 and Ctrl+4 hotkeys set the mouse movement in a diagonal direction left-tilted or right-tilted.


Of course the users can also choose their own set of hotkeys for their use. In the settings section, you have to save the settings for the hotkeys before the new hotkeys are activated. When you press these keys once, MouseAxisLocker puts the locks in place. If you want to remove these directional movement locks from your mouse cursor, then you have to press the same hotkey once again.

Other than using this software to limit the mouse movement the applications in engineering, medical or other scientific field, we can also use this software for drawing or designing software programs, or PC games where the users need to force the cursor move horizontally or vertically or at the diagonal angles.

You can download MouseAxisLocker from

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