AutoLeaveMeeting : Leave Online Meetings Automatically

There are many online conferencing application for the Windows computers. Some of them have been in use for over a decade but others have surfaced only a few years ago. When there was global lock-down during the Covid-19 pandemic, these conferencing programs saw a huge popularity. This happened because working remotely from home became the new norm. Even now, when the pandemic has been left behind by the world, many people still prefer to work from home out of the habit and because of the comfort.

Whether you are working from home or remotely attending a business meeting you might be using any of these online conferencing apps. Sometimes when a meeting becomes boring, you should be able to quietly leave the meeting without overthinking about it. An application called AutoLeaveMeeting can do just that for you.

AutoLeaveMeeting monitors your favorite online conferencing apps and when there is no sound coming from the app, it shuts it down. So if you are attending a meeting via Skype, and suddenly things become silent, AutoLeaveMeeting will detect the silence and close Skype for you. This is convenient for boring and unimportant meetings.


AutoLeaveMeeting supports many popular online conferencing apps such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, etc. After we launch AutoLeaveMeeting, it shows a list of all the running processes on the Windows PC. Out of these, we have to choose our online conferencing app such as Skype.

The second thing we have to do is set a time period for which the no-sound condition must be met. You can choose a time period from 5 seconds to 600 seconds. You should set at least one minute of silence (60 seconds). Once it finds that there is no sound from the selected app, it will check whether the meeting has ended and finally close the app.

You can download AutoLeaveMeeting from

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