Batch Text Replacer: Edit Multiple Text Files Simultaneously

When working with text files, many times we come across a situation when we have to edit hundreds of text files. But the only editing that is needed is replacing some word or phrase with something else. While this sounds a very easy thing to do, but finding the source words in all those text files and replacing it with the destination words is not an easy task at all. Many of us will lose patience and become frustrated after editing only ten such files, only to be told by the boss later that there were a few typos.

In order to save our precious time and keep accuracy in such tasks, we can use a tool like “Batch Text Replacer”. It is a Windows application in which we can edit hundreds of text files in a matter of seconds. It employs a unique technique for simultaneous editing of the text files. It uses a set of rules using which the editing of the files are done in a systematic manner.

Batch Text Replacer

In the Batch Text Replacer window, we can add the text files which are to be modified through the various tasks. Then we can add all sorts of actions for editing the files. There are many actions available such as replace, insert, move, swap, extract, remove line-breaks,  remove rows, remove text blocks and many more. All these actions are divided into three categories for easy use – line editing, lines and text.

It will display a preview of how these text files are going to be changed using these actions. If you are satisfied with the preview then you can click on the “Save” button. The list of actions can be saved into various profiles. These profiles can later be loaded for quickly re-using them.

You can download Batch Text Replacer from

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