Check for Broken Links with Vovsoft Broken Link Detector

When you are creating a website, it starts with only a few HTML pages. But as the time passes, the websites grows larger too. Then you have thousands of webpages on your website. Such a large site often suffers from the problem of broken links. It happens because the URLs that you added in some of your webpages a few years ago might not be available now. It can also happen because of mistyping in the URL address.

If your website has only a few webpages, then perhaps you can manually check everything easily. But if your website is larger then manually checking for broken links becomes impossible. Instead of manually checking all the URLs in your website, you can use Vovsoft Broken Link Detector tool.

In the Vovsoft Broken Link Detector, we can begin by adding the website URL which is going to checked for the broken links. You can add many URLs for checking in the URL list. You can also add these URLs through a URL file. This URL file is just a simple text file that has one URL on each line. You can use any text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++ to create it.

Vovsoft Broken Link Detector

During the scanning, we can choose to scan only the main domain or the subdomains only. The application also allows recursive URL scan which could lead to a deep level of scanning and consume too much time. The scanning is started by clicking on the “Start” button.

In the scan results, we can see the working links and the links for it shows errors. In order to focus only on the errors, we can switch to the “Errors” tab in this  application.

The results of the scans can also be exported to various formats for later reviewing. We can export the results to TXT, CLS and XLS formats.

You can download Vovsoft Broken Link Detector from

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