ExtraDisks : Create Multiple Virtual Disks on Windows PC

There are many reasons why someone would create virtual disks. The most popular reason for creating virtual disks is to store your sensitive files inside them. When these virtual disks are encrypted, it becomes virtually impossible to find out which files are stored on them.

Another popular reason for storing files on the virtual disks is to test some software that require a separate disk. They can be used even for running another operating system installed on them. Virtual disks are very often used as a destination for storing backups.

If you also want to store your data on virtual disks, then you can create them using ExtraDisks. It is a Windows software that can create many different types of virtual disks on your PC.


ExtraDisks can create three different types of virtual disks:

  1. Crypted Disks : These disks are password protected and encrypted using very strong AES  cipher. These type of disks are great for storing sensitive information and files.
  2. Files to Disks : These disks are stored in form of a single file. They make transferring of large number of files between two computers or across a network very easy.
  3. Folder Disks : In this type of disk, we can convert a folder into a virtual disk. This is not much different from the virtual drives created by the SUBST command that has been around for a long time.

In the user interface of ExtraDisks, we can choose the type of virtual disk that we want to create and proceed. In this process you have to choose one of the available drive letters and the disk capacity. It will then create a new virtual disk and mount it on your system.

ExtraDisks allows easy management of all the virtual disks. We can quickly mount and unmount these virtual disks using the ExtraDisk user interface.

You can download ExtraDisks from https://www.wintools.net/extradisks/index.html.

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