LumoTray : Versatile Windows System Tray Menu App

LumoTray is a multiple purpose Windows application that stays in the system tray (notification area) of the Windows desktop. It has special support for the dual or multi-monitor screens setup. It provides a personal menu for the users so that they do not have to depend entirely on the Start menu on a typical Windows PC.

Even though the Start menu offers shortcuts to all the programs installed on your Windows PC, it can become too confusing after installing dozens of new programs. If you want to keep a small menu for your special and often used programs then LumoTray has the solution.

With LumoTray we can create a small custom menu which can be accessed by clicking on its system tray icon. In this menu, we can add some of our commonly used applications such as Notepad++ or GIMP. This custom menu is also a great way to access your portable applications. We can arrange the menu using  nested folders or sub-folders. We can create any number of shortcuts in this menu.


Another interesting feature of LumoTray is its ability to change the desktop wallpaper with just a single click. It supports multi-monitor configuration too. We can access the wallpaper manager from the LumoTray and then the monitor for which the wallpaper is to be changed. We can set the wallpaper to solid color, an image, Bing website picture, NASA’s image or a dynamically changing wallpaper.

LumoTray can also be used to customize the Windows lockscreen. This is the screen that appears when you lock your Windows PC using he hotkey Win+L. We can choose solid color, a custom image or a slideshow for the lockscreen wallpaper.

One of the most fun features of LumoTray is the Fullscreen mode. We can switch any selected monitor to the fullsceen mode and display content of our choice. We can choose solid color, images, slideshows, PDF files, webpages, YouTube videos, and more for this mode.

You can download LumoTray from

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