CrystalMark Retro : Portable Benchmark Tool for Windows

CrystalMark Retro is a benchmark tool for Windows computers. It includes benchmarks for the storage drives (SSD or HDD), the CPU, and the graphics card. It does not display all the details of the hardware, but it gives a score for your computer’s hardware. This score is calculated after it has run some benchmark tests.

Supports Windows XP to Windows 11

CrystalMark Retro is the new version in the long chain of the CrystalMark software. It supports even some of the very old Windows versions including Windows XP. On the other hand, it supports the latest version of Windows 11 too. So whether you want to benchmark your decades-old Windows XP computer or the latest PC running Windows 11, you can do so by using CrystalMark Retro.

Pleasant themes

CrystalMark Retro has the same familiar user interface as the other products by its developer. It comes with four themes using which you can change how it appears.  Among the themes that we can use are normal, dark, legend of orange, and legend of green. The whole user interface can be zoomed up or zoomed down as well.

System information

In the CrystalMark Retro window, it displays some basic information about the system. It shows the information about GPU, CPU, System, OS, Screen, and Memory.  It does not display any information about the networking abilities or the battery power of the PC.

CrystalMark Retro

Benchmark tests

We can run the benchmark tests by clicking on the “All” button which will run all of the tests in sequential order. You can also click on the individual buttons for the separate tests to run them one at a time. The available tests include CPU, Disk, 2D, and 3D.

Export and share test results

After the benchmark tests are complete, you can share the screenshot of your system’s score over to X(formerly Twitter). You can also save the test results along with the basic system info in a text or an image file. We can share these images, which are basically screenshots of CrystalMark Retro with test results, over social networks.


CrystalMark Retro is a quick and fast benchmark tool for Windows. It works on all systems old and new. It is a great tool for quickly estimating the capabilities of a new Windows PC.

You can download CrystalMark Retro from

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