SimpleCodeGenerator : QR Code Generator for Windows

QR codes have been around for many many years. We can see them everywhere – in newspapers, magazines, on TV, in various ads, and more. Bus, train, and airplane tickets are issued with QR codes. During the Covid-19 lockdown, QR codes were used to issue vaccination certificates. Some people get their YouTube channel’s QR code printed on their t-shirts, bikes, or cars for easy publicity.

Portable tool for generating QR codes

If you are also thinking of getting a QR code for your website or YouTube channel, then you can use a freeware tool called SimpleCodeGenerator. It is a portable application for Windows that converts any text into a QR code. As its name suggests, it is really very simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge about QR codes.

Multiple lines mode

After launching SimpleCodeGenerator, we can begin by entering the text data that we want to be converted into a QR code. This text data can be of any kind such as a webpage address (URL), an email address, a phone number, etc. If you want to enter data that spans across many lines, then you have to toggle the “Multiple Lines” mode by clicking on its icon in the toolbar. For quickly creating the QR code, we can click on the Generate QR Code button.


Export the QR code to image files

It will create the QR code and display it in the window. Using the toolbar, we can save the QR code as an image. The image file can be of many types such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. We can also copy the QR code to the clipboard so that we can paste it into any graphics editor or document editor.

Adjust error correction levels

There are two settings for creating QR codes that it allows the user to change. First, we can change the error correction level from low, medium, quartile, and high. A higher level of error correction ensures that QR reader can still read the code even if it gets partly damaged.

Supports all QR code versions

The second setting is about controlling the QR version used for creating the QR codes. A higher QR version means that you can pack more text data in the QR code. A higher version is also a larger QR code because of the larger amount of data encapsulated inside it. You should choose the QR version based on the size of the source data.


SimpleCodeGenerator is a portable QR code generator for Windows. It comes very handy when you want to quickly convert some text or URL into a QR code to be read by the QR code reader on your mobile phone.

You can download SimpleCodeGenerator from

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