ScreenGridy : Arrange Windows Using a Convenient Grid

Everybody knows that we can resize open windows on the Windows operating system. We can make a window smaller or larger based on our requirement. For example, when we want to watch a video in VLC Media Player while working on a document in Microsoft Word, we can can VLC’s window smaller and move it to the top-right corner.

When resizing windows on your PC, it might be needed that you resize them in perfect multiples of length and width. For this, we can use a freeware tool called ScreenGridy. This small tool can display a grid on our screen and allows us to easily resize the open windows using this grid. It is available in form of a setup installer package which works on all versions of Windows.


After the installation, it places an icon in the notification area of Windows taskbar. We can click on this icon for the grid to be displayed. This grid will disappear after some time so that it does not obstruct any other application’s regular use. By right-clicking on this notification area icon, we can also access its settings.


In the settings, we can choose the grid dimensions and properties. We can choose the number of rows and columns for the grid. The number of columns are always equal to the number of rows. We can adjust its transparency level. We can also choose the color with which the grid is drawn. Finally, we can make it run automatically at Windows startup so that it is always ready to be used.


The grid is designed to be very convenient and we can easily resize the application windows. As we click on a window, it becomes as small as a single rectangle in the grid. We can then drag its corner to resize it. As we resize a window, it snaps to the grid rectangles. This way we can resize any window to a standard size.

You can download ScreenGridy from

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