Vovsoft Compare Two Texts : Finds Textual Differences

There are many times when we have to compare two plain text files to find out the differences. For example,  you may want to find out the differences between the different versions of a program’s source code files. You may want to find the different between the log files too. Similarly, you might want to check how your text file is different from the new modified version of the same file sent to you by your friend.

For comparing the plain text files of all kinds, we can use a small tool called “Vovsoft Compare Two Texts”. It is a Windows application using which we can quickly compare two pieces of text. It can also be used to compare two text files. Not only it shows whether the files are different or identical, but it also analyzes all the added or deleted lines.

Vovsoft Compare Two Texts

In the user interface of Vovsoft Compare Two Texts, we can begin by loading the two texts. This can be done in three different ways : we can manually type the text, we can copy-paste the text into the text field, or we can load a text file.

After loading the text, we can click on the large “Compare” button. It will open another window where the full analysis is displayed. In this window the two texts are compared line by line. If the two lines are identical, then they are shown in the while color.

Vovsoft Compare Two Texts

If the two lines are modified slightly, then they are shown in the green color. If the one line has been added, then it is shown in the purple/blue color. If a line has been deleted from first text, then it is shown in the red color.

In the settings for this software, we can make it ignore the text case, ignore the whitespace and change the comparison algorithms too.

You can download Vovsoft Compare Two Texts from https://vovsoft.com/software/compare-two-texts/.

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