Gilisoft DRM Protection : Password Protect Digital Content

DRM is a set of technologies used to manage the access rights of the digital content. While DRM has been around for more than forty years, it became more widely known through online streaming platforms like Netflix. DRM technologies have evolved with time to keep up with the new ways of the content deliveries in the digital world. Originally it was limited to the prevention of copying of the DVD movies and audio CDs, but now it has evolved to protect the digital rights of a wide variety of the digital content.

If you are also a content creator then you can use free Gilisoft DRM Protection tool to DRM protect your content. With its help, we can DRM protect a number of digital content types such as:

  • Video files: We can protect any video file with DRM and save it to MP4 and MOV formats.
  • Audio files: DRM can be applies to audio files such as MP3, AAC and more.
  • Pictures: Image files can be protected by DRM against unauthorized distribution.
  • Ebooks: We can protect ebooks such as Mobi, Epub, and PDF files to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of these ebook files.
  • Word documents: We can apply DRM protection to Word documents to control printing, copying and sharing.

Gilisoft DRM Protection

In the user  interface of Gilisoft DRM Protection, we can begin by adding the files that we want to protect using DRM. In the next step, we can control the encryption settings and whether the encryption is to be bound with the hardware.

Under the advanced settings, Gilisoft DRM Protection allows features such as anti-copy measures. We can also choose to apply a floating watermark on the digital content. Finally, we can choose an output folder and proceed with the encryption. The encryption is faster on a Windows PC with a powerful graphics card.

You can download Gilisoft DRM Protection from

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