Copy URL to the Clipboard in Many Formats in Firefox

A few versions ago, Mozilla Firefox web browser came with a new feature that allows copying of the URLs to the clipboard without the site tracking. Now there is an add-on using which we can copy the URLs in many different formats for copy-pasting them in forum posts, blog posts or in the email messages.

This new add-on is called “Copy URL to Clipboard” but it does more than just copying the URL to the clipboard. It actually edits the URL and converts it to any of the supported formats.

After installation, you can add its icon to the toolbar in the Firefox web browser. Whenever you want to copy the URL of the current page or the pages opened in various different tabs, you can click on this icon and pick one of the options – Copy Page URL, Copy Tabs URLs, Copy Other Tabs URLs, Copy All Tabs URLs.

Copy URL to Clipboard

When you pick any of these options, you are shown a list of various formats to choose from. These formats include, HTML (text/plain), HTML (text/html), Markdown, BBCode (text), BBCode (URL), Textile, AsciiDoc, MediaWiki, Jira, RestructedText, LaTeX, Org Mode, Text & URL, Text, URL, and more.

You can also right-click anywhere on a webpage and choose the “Copy Page URL” option. In this case also, you can choose from a number of different formats.

Copy URL to Clipboard

In the options for this Firefox extension, we can choose which of the formats are displayed when copying the URL to the clipboard. For some of these formats, we can choose extra options. For example, in the case of copying the URL as HTML (text/plain), we can choose to add the “title” attribute in the copied link itself. It is always a good idea to deselect the formats that you are not going to use.

Copy URL to Clipboard

Copy URL to Clipboard is a useful and time-saving extension that allows copy-pasting the URLs in a number of popular formats.

You can get “Copy URL to Clipboard” extension for Firefox from

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