Hyperamp : Free Audio Player for Windows, macOS and Linux

Hyperamp is an audio player for the popular desktop platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux. It is designed to be modified later by the open-source developers who want to quickly add new features to it. The audio player is open-source and is designed using the latest web technologies such as Electron and Choo.

This audio player is designed to have a very sleek and unique user interface. After launching Hyperamp, we can click on the search button to populate the list of found tracks. By default, it looks up the “Music” folder in the user profile directory on a Windows PC. But we can select any custom folder and it will add the found audio files to the list.

For all the loaded audio files it shows the title, time, artist, album, track, disk, year, and genre. We can start playing any of these audio files by just double-clicking on them. When an audio file is played, its title and artist information is displayed in the window. It fetches this information from the metadata embedded in the audio files. If these audio files have no audio metadata then no information can be displayed.

Hyperamp Audio Player

The usual audio player controls are available in Hyperamp. We can play, pause, play next, or play previous audio file using these controls. We can also toggle between serial or shuffle playback of the audio files. We can mute/unmute the audio player. We can change the volume of the audio player easily through a slider control.

There is an application menu in the Hypersnap window but it has nothing to do with the audio player. It is the usual Electron menu that appears in all the applications designed using the Electron framework.

Hyperamp is the simplest audio player designed using web technologies for the desktop computers. If you do not like the web technologies based audio players then perhaps you may want to try 1by1 which is both small and fast.

You can download Hyperamp audio player from https://github.com/hypermodules/hyperamp/releases.

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