Epic Games Store Giveaway : FPS Game “Chivalry 2”

This week Epic Games store is giving away another hit game called “Chivalry 2”. It is a fast action packed first person shooter that takes you back to the legendary medieval battles.

In this game Chivalry II we get to play through the battles that are part of now medieval European history. As can be expected, we fight as part of those old world armies. You can fight as a foot soldier, as a horseback rider, or as an archer sitting on top of a building.

Similarly, the weapons are also very medieval. There are swords of all kinds, spears to be thrown at the enemy, bows and arrows, crossbows, javelins, axes and more. In the name of shield, you get to wear some very heavy metal armor shields on your person. This shield is made of wrought iron and is very thick. You have to be very strong to carry the weight of this armor along with all the weapons.

Chivalry II

The battles can take any form in this game. You could be defending your fortress and have to foil the attack plans of your enemy. You might also be attacking your enemy’s fortress and want to invade their line of defense. It also has a Unreal Tournament style death-match mode in a maximum of 64 players can play and the player with highest frags wins.

This game does not have very high system requirements. It can be run on any Windows 10 PC with intel Core i3 (4th generation) and NVidia GeForce GTX 660. Of course, a better hardware will give you much better game details.

In order to claim the giveaway game, you can visit Epic Games store webpage https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/chivalry-2 , login to your Epic Games account and then click on the Get button. You will have to use Epic Games Launcher in order to download and install it.

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