Qiplex Smart File Renamer : Fast File Renaming Tool for PC

Qiplex Smart File Renamer is a fast file renaming software for Windows. It uses a number of criteria to rename your files or folders in a few seconds. The application shows a preview of the file renaming process before the actual renaming of the files takes place. According to the developer it can rename 1000 files in less than a second.

The software has to be installed on your Windows PC before it can be used. There is no special requirements for installing this on your PC.  As soon as it launched after the installation, we can choose to add files or folders on which the renaming operations are to be performed.

We can add files one by one or in a group. We can also add a folder containing all the files that need to be renamed. All these added files are displayed in a list to the left side of the window. On the right side of the window, we can add renaming rules. These rules can be combined together using the AND / OR logical operators.

Qiplex Smart File Renamer

There are many rules available such as remove, replace, insert, trim, keep, swap, rearrange, reverse, new name, add number, case, date, time, photo, audio, content, tags, same name, file metadata, parent folder, etc. In addition, we can load renaming rules stored in CSV or Excel files.

We can also specify a folder to which the renamed files are moved. This prevents any future conflicts with the existing files and the files that have already been renamed. Renaming of these files can be completed by clicking on the “Rename and move” button displayed near the very bottom of its window.

All the file renaming operations performed by Qiplex Smart File Renamer are fully reversible. It helps the use change their mind in case they do not want the renaming at a later time.

You can download Qiplex Smart File Renamer from https://qiplex.com/software/smart-file-renamer/.

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