Disk Space Saver : Analyzes Disk Space for PC and Mac

If you have been using your Windows PC for more than a year, chances are that your hard disk drives are full of some unnecessary files. These files cannot really be labeled as the junk files but they take up so much disk space. Pretty soon it becomes harder and harder to find available free space for other software or games.

With the help of Disk Space Saver, we can find the files or folders which are taking up a large portion of the disk space. It is a disk analyzer tool that can scan a disk, drive, or a folder and displays the disk consumption in graphical manner. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

After firing up Disk Space Saver, we can choose the drive, volume, or a folder from the left side tree-view. It can process the file system in a very fast manner. After the analysis is complete, you can see the graphical chart in the center of its window. These charts can be selected by the user to be pie chart, bar chart, hierarchical list, or a list of top 100 largest files.

Disk Space Saver

In the graphical chart, we can select the files that we do not want on our disk drives. For example, if there is a 100 GB file on our hard drive that belongs to a backup set that is obsolete and unneeded, then we can safely delete it. After making a selection of the files, we can see the list of the files to be deleted in the right-hand side list. Finally, we can click on the “Delete” button to delete these large files and claim hundreds of gigabytes of space.

Disk Space Saver employs some safety measures so that the user does not end up deleting Windows system files. The program is very easy to use and anyone can start using it without any problem.

You can download Disk Space Saver from https://qiplex.com/software/disk-space-saver/.

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