HTML Stripper for PC : Removes HTML Code and Formatting

HTML Stripper is a Windows application that can strip the plain text content from an HTML file. It removes the HTML code, scripts and other code from the HTML file, leaving only the plain text. It also comes with a batch mode in which we can process a number of HTML files at the same time.

HTML Stripper for PC has a unique user interface that facilitates the extraction of the plain text data from any HTML file. We can use it in three different ways. First method is a very straightforward one – we can copy/paste the HTML code in the HTML Stripper window itself. After this we can click on the button labeled Strip HTML. The stripped text is instantly available in the right-side of the window. We can save this text as a TXT file.

Vovsoft HTML Stripper

In the second method we do not have to manually copy/paste the HTML code. We can open an HTML file and it will load the code from this file into the HTML Stripper window. Then the same process is to be followed as in the first method. Since the code is loaded in the window, you can modify the code before stripping the text from it.

The third way HTML Stripper can be used is for batch processing of a large number of HTML files. We have to launch the batch processing window by selecting the Batch mode from the File menu. A new window opens up in which we can add a number of HTML files, select an output folder, and then click on the Start button.

Vovsoft HTML Stripper

HTML Stripper can use Internet Explorer for stripping the text or it can use the RegEx method for decoding the code. In either case the results are very satisfactory for all kinds of HTML files.

You can download HTML Stripper for PC from

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