FolderSizes : Free Disk Space Analyzer for Windows PC

No matter how large capacity hard drive or solid state drive you have installed on your PC, it seems to fill up in just a few months. This can happen because of many reasons. For example, if we keep downloading new software or Live Linux distribution ISO images, then it could really consume your available drive space.

Had it been junk files, it would have been so much easier to use any junk cleaner application like CCleaner. Such applications can remove the junk files to claim free drive space. But in this case, the user has to manually decide which files to remove. This is where a software called FolderSizes can help.

FolderSizes is a Windows application that can visually display how the various files or folders are using the disk space on your drives. It can present this information in a number of ways such as bar graphs or pie charts.


After you have selected a folder or drive on your Windows PC, FolderSizes starts analyzing it. It works recursively on all the folders to find out the file sizes of all the stored files. Some protected system files cannot be accessed by this program in which case it displays the error in its logs.

When the analysis is complete, you can switch between one type of report to another. We can see the detailed report which shows a long list of all the items in the selected folder. We can switch to the pie graph which shows visually which files or folders are taking a large share of the space. Similarly, the bar graph uses bars to indicate largest folders or files.

We can filter these reports based on file names or folder names and their various properties such as the modified date. It allows exporting of these reports to a number of file formats such as Microsoft Word and PDF.

You can download FolderSizes from

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