Dummy File Generator : Creates Sample Files for Testing

When testing some software sometimes we need files of a particular type, but we do not have those files at hand. In such a situation, we can create sample, fake, or dummy files using a software like Vovsoft Dummy File Generator.

It is a free software that can create a number of dummy sample files in a few seconds. These dummy files contain random data and have no other use than using them for testing.

Dummy File Generator is a portable application. It does not require installation of any kind. We can start using it without installing anything on our PC. It comes in a ZIP archive. We can extract the ZIP file to a folder using a tool like 7-Zip and start using it from that folder.

The user interface of Dummy File Generator is very easy to follow. First of all we have to select a folder where the generated files are going to be saved. By default, it selects the desktop folder for the current user. The next thing we have to select is the file size for the generated files. We can manually enter the file size in terms of bytes. We can also choose a hard-coded file size from 1 MB, 10 MB, 100 MB, and 1 GB. If you choose 0 bytes, then it will generate empty files for you.

Dummy File Generator

We have to enter the filenames of all the files that we want to generate. We can enter one filename on each line in the textbox provided. We can enter any names or we can copy paste the list of files from somewhere. Finally we can click on the Generate button to start the file generation process.

Dummy File Generator can also create files with specific character repeated throughout the file. Similarly, we can create files with a particular line text on each line of the files.

You can download Dummy File Generator from https://vovsoft.com/software/dummy-file-generator/.

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