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ShareMouse : Control Multiple Computers with Single Mouse or Keyboard

If your work involves working on multiple computers at the same time, then you would find ShareMouse immensely useful. It is a free software that can share your mouse or keyboard over multiple computers. This way you can control applications running on different computers with just a single mouse or keyboard. Through this software, all the keyboard inputs and mouse movements on your main computer are transmitted to other selected computers.

Predator : Lock Your PC with a USB Key

Predator is a very secure and fast way to lock down your Windows PC. It turns your simple USB flash drive into a locking and unlocking device. What can be a faster and simpler way, than to just remove the USB key and walk away? If you find your colleagues routinely try to snoop into your PC when you are away, then Predator is the solution to your troubles.

How to Manage Website Permissions in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox allows you to manage website permissions easily. You can allow or disallow one or more websites to store cookies, offline data, store passwords, open popups or ask for your geographical location. You can set these permissions either for a particular website or for all websites as the default setting.

Backup and Restore Windows Credentials in Windows 7

When you select for Windows to remember your credentials (username and password) for various things like a domain or windows login, it gets stored in Windows Credentials Manager. This makes you auto-login for that domain or website next time, saving you from the trouble and saving your precious time. If you want, you can create backups and restore these saved credentials. You can also backup credentials on one computer and transfer them on another computer.

Lock down computer in Windows XP

If you are using your Windows XP based computer and you have to leave the desk for a minute. You do not want anyone else to use your computer but you also do not want to log off or shutdown it. Then you can lock the computer in Windows XP.

Run a program as a different user in Windows Vista

Sometimes, as an administrator, you want to run a program as a different user. The reasons may be that you want the program to save the settings in that users profile or you may want to install a program only for that user etc. Here is how you can run a program as a different user in Windows Vista.