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Run Two or More Versions of Firefox At the Same Time

The development phase of Firefox involves four stages – nightly, pre-beta (aurora), beta and the final release version. Some people, including me, are always using the nightly version (together with the release version) to check what new features are being added in the upcoming releases. Usually you cannot run more than one version of Firefox at the same time. But there is an easy way through which you can run two or more versions of Firefox simultaneously.

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How to Create Portable Version of Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is released under various channels like the release version which is the final tested version and the nightly builds which are the work-in-progress versions of Firefox. If you want to try out the nightly builds, then the best choice is to use the portable edition of Firefox. This way you do not have to install multiple versions of Firefox in Windows in order to check them out. Here is how you can create a portable edition of Firefox in Windows.

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