Browse Faster with Web Boost for Google Chrome

Those who are still using very slow internet connections usually complain about slow loading web pages and that they have to wait for 30-40 seconds before a web page is finally loaded. There are two ways to tackle this problem – switch to a faster internet plan or use one of those tools created specially for the slow connection users. Some of these tools are Google Web Light, Chrome Data Compression, Opera Off Road and more. And now we have another similar tool called Web Boost available as an extension for the Chrome browser.

What this Web Boost extension does is not exactly clear, but it claims to optimize and accelerate the web pages, making them load faster. It does not have any configuration or setting either. You can just install it in your Chrome browser and it will start working right away. You can see the small fast running rabbit icon in the Chrome toolbar to know that it is doing its optimization in the background.

Web Boost for Chrome

If you do not want to optimize a web page or do not want to have the web accelerating benefits of Web Boost, then you can simple click on the rabbit icon in the toolbar and toggle Web Boost off. You can use this option to see if this extension makes any real difference in the web page loading.

Web Boost for Chrome

The developer of this extension maintains that it works on multimedia rich sites and social networking sites too. At the same time, it does not interfere with the quality of the videos, pictures or other type of media.

Conclusion: Web Boost for Chrome can help you load the web pages a tad faster. But it is suggested that you not use this extension when visiting sensitive sites or carrying out financial transactions online as the data could be routed to some unknown servers.

You can get the Web Boost extension for Chrome from