Password Protect Apps with Lockdown Pro for Android

We have discussed about apps that can password protect other apps in Android before, for example, Comodo App Lock or Locx. But all of these apps use one and the same password or pattern to lock down the apps. If someone finds out the pattern or password for one app, then they will be able to unlock all the apps. Another Android app called Lockdown Pro addresses this issue efficiently by allowing you to set a different password for each of the locked apps. In addition, it uses some very deceptive techniques to hide itself from the system so that nobody can know if you are using an app locker in your phone.

Lockdown Pro starts by asking you for using a PIN code, password or a pattern for locking or unlocking the main app. Next time you launch the Lockdown Pro, you have to enter this very same code to be able to access the app, so be careful and remember this. It will also ask you for the app usage access so that it can know which of the apps you are using the most.

Lockdown Pro for Android

Lockdown Pro also installs a service in the Android that helps run app locking related features smoothly. You have to enable this service so that it can optimize the battery life, to optimize locking of the apps and speed up the related processes after reboots.

Lockdown Pro for Android

In the security settings for the Lockdown Pro, you can choose the password type to be used – pattern, classic pin code, calculator or the fingerprint. In the settings, you can also enable the hidden mode of the Lockdown Pro which hides the Lockdown Pro icon from the app drawer as well as the home screen. If you are using the hidden mode, you can launch the Lockdown Pro only by dialing the code **##123**## in the phone app.

Lockdown Pro for Android

You can specify a different password for each of the locked apps by touching the ellipses next to that app in the list. You can also enable fake cover for any of the locked apps which shows an app crash message instead of asking for the password/pattern when you launch that app.

Lockdown Pro for Android

Conclusion: Lockdown Pro is an advanced app locker for Android devices. It can use many different password modes, can work in hidden mode and use deceptive techniques to hide its presence on your device.

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