Samsung Max : Saves Data & Protects Privacy on Android

A few years ago we published about Opera Max – an free VPN app for Android from designed by the same people who are behind the popular Opera web browser. And now Samsung has taken over the app and this very same app is now available as Samsung Max from Google Play store.

But Samsung Max is not just Opera Max in a new wrapper. You can see the changes in the GUI and Samsung has certainly added many new features like the ultra data saving mode that can suppress internet access requests from various apps.

Samsung Max is basically offering two main features – data saving and privacy protection. The data saving feature can reduce the data consumption from both a WiFi network and your mobile data network. The privacy protection feature hides your identity on the internet and assign your device a new IP address. For both of these modes, Samsung Max connects your device to Samsung VPN servers. Since the VPN uses an encrypted connection, it protects you from man-in-the-middle attacks and blocks apps from tracking you.

Samsung Max

Among the newer features of Samsung Max are the ability to control the way apps access the internet on individual basis. You can enable or disable privacy protection for any of the apps installed on your device. But this app management feature is available only through the Premium mode. In the premium mode, the app displays ads on the lock screen but unlocks features like app management and unlimited use of the VPN servers. It does not display ads randomly, but they are displayed on the lock screen only when you are charging your Android device.

Samsung Max


Samsung Max is basically a free VPN service for Android with the added benefit of data saving features. But many of the modern web browsers for Android like Chrome and Opera are offering in-built data saving features making it unnecessary to use a separate app for the same reason.

Unlike some other VPN apps like Kaspersky Secure Connection and F-Secure Freedome , you cannot choose a server location in Samsung Max. And if you want to access the app management feature, you will be forced to see the ads on your device.

But Samsung Max works even on the oldest of the devices running Android KitKat 4.4 making it a great app for people sticking with their old smartphones. Besides you can trust Samsung Max without thinking twice as it is from a trustworthy company.

You can download Samsung Max app from


  1. Please i have downloaded this app on my Samsung j7 device, but each time i turn it on and get it connected, it ceased my Internet connection thus no message wil be able to send, but as soon as i turn it off all messages wil bese sent and incoming messages too.

    That is responsible and how can i fix this problem.

    1. Perhaps it is using a VPN server that does not work for you. You cannot do anything other than complaining to Samsung or switching to some other web browser.

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