Remove Background from Images Instantly with AI BG Eraser

Recent developments in the artificial intelligence have enabled us to edit the videos and pictures with such a perfection and ease that the older image editing software now looks so dated and archaic. It seems unthinkable how we used to carry out some of the image editing tasks manually that consumed many hours if not days. Previously, we posted about an AI powered tool called AI Image Enlarger that can enlarge images without losing the picture quality. Now the same developers have introduced AI BG Eraser that can be used to instantly remove the background from your pictures.

AI BG Eraser is a web app and can be used from any computer or device since all the image processing takes place on the server side. It has no options or settings to confuse you. You have to simply upload your image files to their server and it will give you a download link of the image with its background removed. The whole process takes place in a matter of few seconds.

AI BG Eraser

There are certain limitations imposed by AI BG Eraser. You cannot upload image files having a file size of more than 5 MB. The dimensions of the image cannot be larger than 1200×1200 pixels. The image files can be only JPG, JPEG and PNG. If you have an image in any other format, you can first convert it into PNG or JPG using some other tool like AVS Free Image Converter.

AI BG Eraser

For using AI BG Eraser you need to login using your account which is free to create. This is the same account that can be used with AI Image Enlarger. If you have an account for one of these, you can use the same account for either of these web apps. They also provide paid subscription based accounts that offer many more features.

You can visit AI BG Eraser web app at