Backup Desktop Wallpapers Downloaded by Microsoft Bing Wallpaper

Recently, we wrote about Microsoft’s new tool Bing Wallpaper that can be used to automatically fetch Bing’s beautiful backgrounds and set them as your Windows desktop backgrounds. It is a very small tool that works on the install and forget concept. Once installed, it keeps running in the background and keeps downloading new wallpapers as soon as they become available on the Bing server. Even though only one wallpaper is downloaded everyday but pretty soon you may have dozens of wallpapers on your hard drive.

Bing Wallpaper downloads only one week old wallpapers for your use. So if you have to reinstall Windows for some reason, followed by reinstalling of Bing Wallpaper, you may end up losing all the previously downloaded wallpapers. Before these stunningly beautiful desktop backgrounds are removed from your hard drive, you should make a backup of these desktop background images. Here is how it can be done in seconds:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+R, type %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\BingWallpaperApp\ and press Enter.
  2. In the folder that opens up, you will find a sub-folder named WPImages. This folder is used by Bing Wallpaper to hold all the images that were downloaded from Bing server. Double-click on WPImages to open this folder.Bing Wallpaper
  3. You will find all the desktop backgrounds in the JPEG image format. All the files are named according to the date on which they were downloaded. The file name pattern is YYYYMMDD.JPG. Using their filenames you can quickly find which of the wallpapers was downloaded on which of the days. You can simply copy these JPG files elsewhere to make a backup of all of these desktop backgrounds.Bing Wallpaper

Instead of manually copying these desktop wallpaper JPG images, you can also make a backup software like KLS Backup or EF AutoSync. As soon as new wallpapers are downloaded to WPImages, these backup software will sync this folder with your backup folder.