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Audiggle : Identify Which Song is Being Played

When we listen to a song that we have never listened to before, then we want to know more about that song – when that song came out, what is the name of the album and artist etc. This happens to all of us especially when listening to the radio. Earlier I used to try to memorize the lyrics to later google them and hoping to find some information. But now I have found an amazing application called Audiggle which can identify any song or music being played on your PC, Radio or TV.

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Carroll : Set Different Screen Resolution for Every Windows User

I remember when I was a school kid, I had to share my computer with my sister. She used to change desktop wallpaper, Windows fonts and screen resolution to her like and it was a headache for me to use computer with her settings. If you share your computer with other users, then you can have different screen resolutions for every Windows user using the free tool called Carroll. It lets you select and change the screen resolution for any user and change it every time Windows starts.

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Doro PDF : Create PDF Files from Any Application

The PDF (Portable Document Format) file format is considered a world-wide standard for document exchange. The beauty of this format is that the document contains all the pictures and even the fonts used, so that the document looks and gets printed exactly the same no matter on which computer you print it. There are plenty of PDF viewers freely available but the PDF creators are costly. Now you can use the free Doro PDF Writer to create PDF files from any application in Windows free-of-cost.

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