Cryptonify Password Manager is Loaded with Features

In these times when each one of us have multiple online accounts, we cannot just memorize all the passwords and sometimes we even forget the usernames too. We have to rely on password managers to store our extensive set of passwords. Typically, one desires a password manager to have certain features – for example, it should be able to store passwords in encrypted format so nobody can access them but only you, generate difficult to crack strong passwords, has online backup features, can integrate with all the web browsers and can automatically fill usernames and passwords for you. Well, all these features are present in the free Cryptonify Password Manager and on top of all these features – it works in Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems.

You can download Cryptonify from the website of its developer – Marcel Carle. The site is in German language, but you can use Google translate to read the basics and the downloaded software supports English user interface – so there should not be any problem. The software is available in two versions – one of the versions runs with Java so you must have JRE installed on your system, but the other version (larger file) does not require Java. The version that does not need Java is available for Windows and Linux.

When you launch Cryptonify for the first time, you need to go through some basic setup process for the program. You have to supply a master password, enter Dropbox account information if you want cloud backup features, install plugins in various browsers (it supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera) and start the plugin server. Other than setting a master passwords, all other steps are optional and can be skipped.

Cryptonify Password Manager

After this you can start adding categories and accounts in the Cryptonify password manager. First of all, you will have to add a new category (for example, Email) and then you can right-click on these categories and add new account entries. You can also select a category and press Ctrl + N hotkey to open the new entry creation window.

Cryptonify Password Manager

In the new entry window, you have to enter the entry title, username, password and the website address. You can also enter the password expiry date after which the password shall be purged from Cryptonify. There is also an integrated password generator that can help you create very strong uncrackable passwords at the click of a button.

Cryptonify Password Manager

Once you have added the accounts, you can either manually copy-paste the username and passwords into the respective websites, or you can use the browser plugins to automatically enter the passwords for you. But for this you must install the browser extensions and start the plugin server in Cryptonify. In the Cryptonify settings, under Plugin-Server tab, you can find the links to various web browser extensions and start the plugin server. The Cryptonify application has to be restarted before the installed browser extensions can access the Cryptonify data.

Cryptonify Password Manager

Now you can open any website where you want to automatically enter the passwords. The website address in your browser must match the website address for an account entry in Cryptonify. You can click on the Cryptonify icon in the browser toolbar and select an entry to have the username and password automatically filled. You can also add a new entry to Cryptonify via the browser extensions.

Cryptonify Password Manager

Conclusion: Cryptonify is a cross-platform, feature-rich and secure password manager. It can synchronize the passwords using your Dropbox account, so you can manage your password from any computer in the world. It can also automatically fill the passwords in websites using the Cryptonify extensions available for all the popular web browsers.

You can download Cryptonify from

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