Status-4-Evar Brings Back Classic Statusbar to Firefox

Mozilla Firefox first appeared on the scene in 2004 and was the first third party web browser to challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer after the sad demise of Netscape Navigator in late 90’s. Built on the security principles of Netscape, with an innovative tabbed user interface and with the flexibility in mind through the use of extensions, it soon became popular among the users of Windows as well as other operating systems. Back then and for many many years to follow, Firefox used to have a statusbar that has disappeared from the recent versions of Firefox.

If you miss the old status bar or want to experience how statusbar used to look like and what features or productivity it used to provide, then you can install the Status-4-Evar extension in the Firefox browser. This extension aims not only to bring back the classic status bar in Firefox, but it also adds many new features to the status bar. For example, it shows a green loading progress bar in the address bar of the Firefox browser, it shows a download status button similar to the one shown in the Chrome web browser when you are downloading something and many more features.

Status-4-Evar for Firefox

All these features can be highly customized through the Status-4-Evar extension settings. You can choose to display the status text either in the status bar or in a popup or even in the location bar itself. You can choose to enable or disable the web page loading green colored progress bar in the location bar and can actually change the green color to some other color of your choice. The download button in the status bar can also be made to show the number of downloaded files, the download progress, estimated time remaining in completing the downloads, and highlight the button when the downloads have completed.

Status-4-Evar for Firefox

Conclusion: Status-4-Evar can bring back the classic status bar in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox. It further enhances the user interface experience by adding many other useful features like the web page loading progress bar in the address bar, a download button in the status bar and more.

You can download and install Status-4-Evar extension from

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