How to Download Instagram Photos Without Third Party Tools

We have covered so many different tools like Free Instagram Download or 4K Stogram or Instagram Saver that can help you download your photos from your Instagram profile. Almost all of these tools can also download the photos or videos from all the public profiles too. And some of these tools, if you supply your Instagram login credentials, are also able to download photos from the private Instagram profiles. While some of the these tools are free and many are commercially sold software, they all give you an opportunity to backup all the pictures or videos that you uploaded to your Instagram profile easily to your phone or hard disk.

But if you have to download just one or two pictures from Instagram, why bother installing these software tools on your PC or apps on your smartphone? You can just access the Instagram in the web browser of your PC or Mac and download all the images being displayed. Here is how:

  1. Install Firefox web browser if you have not already done so. It makes things a tad easier.
  2. Open Instagram website in Firefox browser and login to your Instagram account.
  3. Now you can scroll down and view all the activity in your Instagram account. When you see a picture that you want to download, right-click on it and choose View Page Info.Download Instagram Photos and Videos
  4. This will open a small window displaying all the details about the currently open web page (in this case, Instagram). Switch to the Media tab for the Page Info.
  5. Keep selecting the images from the list and viewing the preview of the image until you find the image that you wanted to download. Once you find the image, select it in the list and click on Save As button to save it somewhere on your PC.Download Instagram Photos and Videos
  6. If you want to download all the images being displayed, the click on Select All and then click on Save As button to save them in a folder on your PC.
  7. Now you can open the folder where you have downloaded the photos and use your default image viewer to open them.Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Conclusion: Instagram’s web app can be used in any web browser on PC or Mac. But using the Firefox browser, you can easily download the pictures and videos from your Instagram feed.