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Internet Explorer 8 Welcome window fix

When you run Internet Explorer 8 for the first time, it pop-ups a Welcome window which takes you through many screens asking questions. This may become a headache if you re-install Windows every few months like I do. Also, when you create a new user account, that new user has to go through this Welcome window again. But here is a fix for this Welcome window.

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View Gmail access activity

Do you suspect that someone else (a hacker or a jealous lover) is snooping into your Gmail emails ? Well, there is a way to make sure if someone is logging into your Gmail account or not. You can view the Gmail access history along with the type of access, IP address and the location from which the Gmail was accessed. This is how.

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Turn off Internet Explorer Accelerators

Internet Explorer 8.0 and above has a feature called Accelerators. When you select a text on a web page, a blue arrow is shown clicking on which various options are shown like Blog with Windows Live, E-Mail with Windows Live, Map with Live Search, Translate with Live Search, Search with Live Search, Search with Bing and etc.

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