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Disable installing of add-ons in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is very popular not only because it is very secure but also because it is highly customizable. You can install tons of add-ons and increase Firefox functionality. If you share the computer with family and do not want kids to install just any add-on found on the internet, then you can disable installing of add-ons in the Firefox.

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Remove saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox

When you enter login credentials on a web site, Firefox prompts you to save the passwords so that next time you do not have to type it in. Next time you visit that web site, Firefox automatically fills in the user name and the password fields from the saved passwords database. But this can be a security problem, as anyone can login to your accounts.

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Change the cache size in Mozilla Firefox

When you visit a web site, Mozilla Firefox stores the web pages and embedded content like images etc. on your local hard disk. This local storage is called cache. The cache has a preset size. If cache is full, then the older content is removed to make space for the recently opened web sites. You can change the cache size in Firefox to whatever you like.

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