How to Disable WAP Push Messages in Android

Recently I started to receive many WAP push messages on my Android smartphone everyday. Most of these messages are advertisements of bikini sites and bikini models and its very annoying to see them pop up in my mobile phone every now and them. So after some searching through my Android smartphone’s settings, I figured out a simple way to disable them. If you are also receiving gratuitous WAP push messages in your Android device, then you can use these simple instructions.

Disable WAP PUSH Messages in Android

Here is how you can disable the WAP push messages in Android:

  1. On the home screen of your Android device, touch the messaging icon displayed near the lower edge of the screen. This is usually used for viewing the SMS text messages that you receive on your phone.
  2. On the messaging screen, touch the menu button (three vertical dots) to open the messaging menu. From this menu you have to select Settings to open the settings related to the messaging app.Disable WAP PUSH Messages in Android
  3. On the Settings screen, it will display different categories of settings that you can configure, e.g., notifications, text messages, multimedia messages and so on. You have to select General settings from the list displayed.
  4. On the General settings screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and uncheck the checkbox labeled Enable WAP PUSH under the category Service Message Setting. This will effectively disable all types of WAP Push messages on your Android device.Disable WAP PUSH Messages in Android

Conclusion: Although WAP PUSH messages are usually very useful and most of the times are sent in response to the user requests, but sometimes they can become annoyances when sent in bulk everyday in form of advertisements. Fortunately, you can easily block then in your Android device without much trouble.

11 thoughts on “How to Disable WAP Push Messages in Android

  1. I have a Samsung Note 4, and the general settings screen you last displayed….mine looks similar to that, but the cell broadcast settings are no where to be found under this. Any other ideas where I can find it? Thanks for any help as this is driving me crazy, getting these messages a few times a day, and now my camera gallery folder is gone, and all my photos are lost. Not sure if its connected or not to this issue.

  2. Im using asus zenfon5, how do i stop wap push messages. Because of this, i had to pay for no reason. Please help me.

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