Chrome Alternatives for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Chrome Alternatives for Android ICS

So it finally happened – Google has announced that they are no longer going to release updates to the Chrome browser for Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). The Chrome browser version 42.0 shall be the final version available to all the Android Ice Cream Sandwich users. The reasons given on the Chromium blog include the diminishing number of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) devices and that it requires extra effort and time to build and test the Chrome browser specifically for Continue reading

How to Install APK Files in Android Through ADB

ADB Install APK in Android

The most common and the easiest way of installing apps in an Android device is through Google Play store. But sometimes we have to install apps from their APK files directly. For example, my bank offers mobile banking services using their Android app which is not available on Google Play store but can be downloaded as an APK file from the bank’s web site. Usually installing an app from the APK file involves many steps – download it on your PC, Continue reading

Remove Disinfection Tools with DelFix


After your PC becomes infected with some malware, first you try to take care of it by following various online resources but when you find out it’s hard to remove, then you ask the help of the professionals. Throughout the ordeal of malware removal from your Windows PC, you have to use a plethora of tools both for detection and the removal of the malware. Some of these tools are designed by reputed security firms while other tools are created by malware Continue reading

Disable Automatic Media Playing in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Automatic Play Media

Web sites use different ways of embedding media content in their web pages. They can use the popular Flash player to put video or audio content in their pages. They can also use the newer HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags to put the media content in the pages. But some of the sites have direct file links to the video and audio files that start playing in the in-built Firefox media player if you click on them. For example, if Continue reading

Type Mathematical Equations in Firefox with FireMath

FireMath for Firefox

When participating online on various web sites or forums where people discuss about mathematics, physics or engineering problems, we have to post our mathematical problems by typing the equations. Usually we use various special character tools like the Character Map in Windows to insert the mathematical symbols and make the equations look a little legible. But why bother with all that hard work when you can use the MathML in the Firefox browser? Firefox supports MathML for a long time and Continue reading

How to Disable NFC in Android Smartphones

Disable NFC in Android

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a relatively newer technology that allows one Android device to connect and exchange data with another device close to it. For the data exchange to occur, both of the devices must have NFC enabled and their NFC transceivers should be in very close vicinity. Typically, you have to put the screen of one device on that of another for the NFC to work. NFC can be used to share pictures, musi, contacts and other files easily between two Continue reading

iMeme : Create Your Own Memes for Social Networks


Meme is an idea, behavior, style or thought that is passed from one person to another within a cultural society. Taking an example from the successful sitcom Seinfeld, people see Elaine’s boss Mr Pitt eating his Snickers bar with the help of a knife and a fork. Soon the idea spreads and many people in the city starts eating Snickers this way. In this case, eating of Snickers with knife and fork becomes a meme. Now in the internet age, people try Continue reading

Show Remote Content by Default in Thunderbird

Remote content in Mozilla Thunderbird

I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my default email client in Windows and Linux because it is both feature rich and security conscious. It uses many measures to protect you from spam and malicious email messages. For example, it disables displaying of the remote content by default so that email messages cannot open an external link. This prevents you from being the victim of drive-by-download malware infections (as soon as you open the message, malware is downloaded and you get infected). Continue reading

Droid4X : Run Android in Windows or Mac


Android is a very popular operating system for smart phones. The highly successful Samsung Galaxy smart phone series uses Android as its operating system. But Android is not limited to just smart phones and tablets, you can install Android on your notebook or desktop computer using the Android x86 project. Though Android x86 is very limited and does not really give the same Android experience as you would get on a smart phone. If you want to get the rich Android experience on your PC, then Continue reading

Set Live Video Wallpapers in Android

Android Live Video Wallpaper

A wallpaper image or the background image is something you look at the most of the time when using your Android smart phone. So it is only natural that you set it to something that is positive and  gives you good vibes all the day long. Normally, you can set only images as the Android screen wallpaper, but you can also set any video file as the background. There is a built-in video wallpaper in Android for this purpose, but it does Continue reading