How to Upgrade Router Firmware Over TFTP Protocol

Upgrade Router Firmware TFTP

We have previously published about how you can upgrade the firmware of your router to the open source DD-WRT through its web interface. But some of the routers also allow the upgrading of the firmware through the TFTP (trivial file transfer protocol) interface. Upgrade of router firmware over TFTP is much more easier than the web interface method and takes much less time. Since TFTP does not support any username or password credentials, you can use the TFTP method of Continue reading

How to Enable TFTP and Telnet Client in Windows 10

Enable TFTP Telnet in Windows 10

The little known utilities Telnet client and TFTP (trivial file transfer protocol) client are very useful when upgrading the firmware of your DSL modem or wireless router (or a combination of these). We have previously published about how to use the Telnet utility to reboot a wireless router. The TFTP client utility can also be used to retrieve and send files to the target device. But these command line utilities are disabled by default in Windows 7, 8 and 10. Fortunately, it does not Continue reading

How to Redeem Google Play Gift Coupons in Android

Google Play Store Gift Cards

Google Play store has very exciting merchandise to offer – books, apps, music, videos, movies and more. This is no surprise that Google Play gift coupons have become so popular. These gift coupons are available in $10, $25 and $50 denominations and can be a great gift to teenagers on various occasions. On the back of these gift coupons is a scratch-to-reveal code that you have to enter in your Google account so that the credits are transferred to your account for later use on Google Play Continue reading

How to Enable Flash on Sites in the App Mode of Internet Explorer

Enable Flash inIE App Mode

Starting with Windows 8, Internet Explorer is present in Windows in two different modes – the desktop mode and the app mode. The desktop mode opens like any other Windows application as it has always been, but the app mode opens like a full screen app and offers a unique interface that works very well with touchscreen devices. However, the app mode of the internet explorer does not allow all the websites to display the Adobe Flash content. It limits the Continue reading

How to Boost Java Security Settings in Windows

Java Very High Security

Java is everywhere and many applications are designed using this powerful language. Moreover, many of the websites also make use of Java to offer engaging content. For running applications and applets written with Java, you have to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your Windows PC. Since Java is so popular and widely used, it is also a well known target for the cyber criminals. In order to thwart attacks designed to make use of the known or unknown Java vulnerabilities, you should Continue reading

How to Enable Java in 32-bit Web Browsers on 64-bit Windows

JRE on 64-bit Windows

I wanted to check my internet connection quality on and one of the components requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed in Windows. But somehow Firefox informed me that JRE is not installed and gave me option of installing it. I remember installed it once before so I checked the Windows Control Panel, and sure enough JRE was installed. So I checked JRE settings to make sure that the option to enable it in the web browser is selected Continue reading

Play Old Arcade Games in Windows with MAME Emulator

MAME Arcade Games Emulator

Sometimes my uncle Josh starts reminiscing the moments of his youth when he used to spend all the afternoon playing games on arcade machines. He almost becomes delirious with those fond memories of him and his friends having fun at the arcade game parlors. I can but only imagine how much fun it would have been. So one day I decided to give him a surprise by presenting him the old world arcade games right inside a Windows PC using a arcade Continue reading

Scan All Downloaded Files in Chrome with Metascan Online

Metascan Online for Chrome

We have previously mentioned Metascan on TrishTech as a very impressive online scanner app that can take a file that you suspect to be malware and scan it with more than forty different antivirus engines. This is not much different from the popular VirusTotal online malware scanner. Both VirusTotal and Metascan are great for scanning the downloaded files for malware before you run them on your computer. But now you can add the Metascan Online to your Google Chrome browser, so Continue reading

How to Reboot Your Router Through Telnet

Reboot Router Over Telnet

When we have to reboot a router or a modem+router combo, we usually login to its web interface through well known IP addresses like or, find the section for restarting and choose the option to reboot the modem. But very few people know that every router allows multiple ways to access its settings and consequently rebooting of the router. For example, a standard Linksys router would allow you to connect to it through TFTP or telnet. If your Continue reading

How to Delete Your Line App Account

Delete Line Account

The Line app in Android, iOS and Windows can help you communicate with other Line users through free phone calls and text messages. You can also buy call credits to make calls to regular phone numbers and send them text messages in the Line app. But if you have switched to some other app for some reason and want to get rid of the Line app, then merely uninstalling it from your smartphone will not be sufficient. You should also first Continue reading