How to Find Disk Usage of Windows Metro Apps in Windows 8/8.1

Windows Metro Apps Disk Usage

Since the start of Windows 8, Microsoft introduced Metro Apps in their popular operating system. These Metro apps are unlike the traditional Windows programs and take the whole screen when they are run. These Metro apps work best on systems equipped with touchscreen display. But like the traditional Windows programs, the new Metro apps also take up storage space on your HDD or SSD disks. As you continue to use these apps, the amount of disk space claimed by them keeps increasing. There is no Continue reading

How to Emergency Restart Windows 8/8.1

Windows Emergency Restart

When you restart Windows normally, it goes through all the steps of a regular shutdown. Windows requests all the programs to shutdown, applications having unsaved data (e.g., Microsoft Word with unsaved document) may ask you for saving the files, and then Windows proceeds to shutdown of Windows. But if some or other programs refuse to close down, then Windows gets stuck and does not shutdown for some time after which it may try to forcibly close those programs. But if you have Continue reading

Free Up Memory with Super Task Killer for Android

Super Task Killer

Unless you have invested in a high end Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy, Huawei honor, Asus Zenphone etc., chances are that you are stuck with a smartphone having only 1 GB of RAM. As the time passes by, the newer Android apps are making use of more and more RAM available on the smartphones and your older phone might not be able to handle all these memory hungry apps all at the same time. So if your phone seems to Continue reading

Virgo Brings Virtual Desktops to Windows

Virgo Virtual Desktops

From the looks of the pre-release builds of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system, it appears that it is going to enjoy a virtual desktop system just like many of the Linux flavors like Ubuntu. But this leaves out the users who are still going to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 for some more time and are not planning to switch to Windows 10 right away. If you have decided not to switch to the new Windows 10 operating system in the near Continue reading

Windows 10 Editions : Which Edition Should You Choose?

Windows 10 DVD

Microsoft has finally announced various editions of Windows 10 that would be made available to the OEM companies as well as the individual consumers. Some of these editions can be installed on desktop computers and some on the mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, smart watches etc. Not all of the announced editions are available directly to the end consumer and some are meant only for the large manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba etc. So which of these Windows 10 editions are Continue reading

Fix “User Profile Service failed the sign-in” Problem in Windows 7/8/8.1

User Profile Service failed to sign-in

Last night when I switched on my faithful Lenovo Windows 8 notebook, it showed me a dreadful blue screen that read – “The User Profile service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded”. As if everyday life problems are not enough, you have to grapple with Windows problems too. In this case Windows was showing this screen because of some files’ corruption in the user profile. One way around this is just create another user account, but if you have Continue reading

The Great Suspender for Chrome Frees Up Memory by Suspending Tabs

The Great Suspender for Chrome

Even though the market is flooded with RAM modules of as high capacity as 8 GB and you can combine multiple modules on a single motherboard to get as high as 32 GB RAM for your PC, yet some of the programs seem to grab all the juice from your RAM and leave nothing for the rest of the operating system. Web browsers are on the top in the list of such system resources hungry programs. For example, if you open Continue reading

Convert Archive Formats with ArcConvert


You may have experienced that some of the web apps refuse to accept any type of archives other than the most common ones like ZIP or RAR. In these situations, you have to extract the contents of your non-standard archives and then repack them into ZIP or other supported formats. Instead of manually changing the archive formats, you can use ArcConvert. It is a free software that lets you convert one archive format into another without having to handle extraction of files from Continue reading

Google Tone Transmits Links to Neighboring Computers via Audible Tones

Google Tone

If you have ever watched any of the Star Wars movies (particularly the first one – Star Wars IV : A New Hope) then you would have noticed how that droid R2D2 communicates with others through audible tones. Google has not created the whole R2D2 yet, but they have successfully created Google Tone – a chrome extension that is able to transmit links to neighboring computers via audible tones – much alike the R2D2 of Star Wars. Google Tone makes use of the decades old DTMF Continue reading

EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 Makes Migrating to SSD Easier

EaseUs Partition Master

These days everyone appears to talk about the new SSD disks – they are faster, they consume less energy and so on. Even though all these things are true, people are afraid to try the new SSD disks and migrate their systems to SSD because they do not want to go through the ordeal of installing Windows all over again. But if you are using the new version of the EaseUS Partition Master software then you do not worry about installing Windows all over again at all. You Continue reading