Remove Reappearing Homegroup Icon from Windows Desktop

Remove Homegroup Icon from Desktop

For last few days, I had been experiencing this strange problem. For some unknown reason, the Homegroup icon keeps reappearing on the Windows desktop every time you login to your user account. This icon usually disappears on its own. You can also right-click on the desktop and choose Refresh from the context menu to refresh the desktop icons and make the Homegroup icon disappear. But this is not a permanent solution and nobody wants to go through this step over Continue reading

Sound Meter for Android Measures Ambient Sound in Decibels

Sound Meter for Android

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues threw a party that went on all night long. It started at around 8 PM in the evening and stopped at 7 AM the next morning. Although I enjoyed the loud music at first, but soon my ears started to hurt and I had to leave. This made me wonder how loud the music really was. Sure there are laboratory instruments that can measure the level of sound or noise in standard units, but Continue reading

Select Multiple Languages in Android Google Voice Typing

Google Voice Typing - Select Multiple Languages

One of the coolest features of Android smart phones is the Google voice typing – you can speak to your phone in your own language and it will convert the speech into text. What most people don’t know is that you can speak in not only one but five different languages to Google voice and it will still understand all of them instantly. Google voice typing supports recognition of as many as five different languages at the same time. This makes it Continue reading

McAfee Raptor : Realtime Malicious Behavior Detection Tool

McAfee Raptor

McAfee has been providing the community its most acclaimed McAfee Stinger tool that is able to detect and remove thousands of malware and trojans in the wild. Now they have come up with another advanced tool called McAfee Raptor which is a real-time behavior detection program and can be used to observe the malicious behavior of various processes so they can be detected in time without the need to depend on malware signature database. McAfee is offering Raptor as a standalone program for now, but Continue reading

Control Android TV Using Your Android Smartphone

Android TV Remote Control

Android is not just the operating system for smartphones and tablets, it also powers many smart televisions. Samsung Smart TV, Mele TV Box etc., are all powered by one or other variants of the Android OS. Although all the Android based TV and TV boxes come with their own remote controls, you can control your Android based TV set using your Android smartphone using the Android TV Remote Control app. This way you do not have to find which remote you Continue reading

Caller ID and Call Blocking in Android with Facebook Hello Dialer

Facebook Hello

Facebook has come up with a new app called Facebook Hello. It is a replacement dialer app for the basic Android phone dialer. It can not only dial phone numbers for you, but can also show you the Facebook ID for the incoming phone calls and can block unwanted phone calls. The phone dialer is exactly the same as offered by the Android Lollipop. When you receive a phone call, it checks the phone number with its Facebook database and shows you Continue reading

Fix “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” Error in Android

Fix "Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped" Error

Last night, I was presented with yet another Android update message. So I chose to begin the update and went to sleep, thinking I would be using new updated version of Android in the morning. I don’t know what happened during the night, but when I tried to use the phone in the morning, I bombarded me with errors – “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” and “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”. No matter how many times I touched OK in the error messages, they Continue reading

Free Up System Memory with Mem Reduct in Windows

Mem Reduct

There is a virtual competition between the computer hardware and software companies. As soon as the hardware manufacturers come up with faster processors and larger memories, the software industry tries to maximize the hardware usage for better performance and the end users find themselves back at square one. Even though the computer hardware has become much more powerful in past few years, the operating systems are also now much more demanding and consequently we still have to struggle with problems like the lack Continue reading

Try Tattoos Virtually on Android with Tattoo My Photo

Tattoo My Photo

A long time ago we published on our website about how you can try out new tattoos online without actually getting them done for real. Since then smart phones have become so popular that now everyone wants to do the same thing on their smart phones. Fortunately, there are more than a dozen apps that can help you try new tattoos for free if you own an Android smartphone. But the best app of them all is the Tattoo My Photo app. It Continue reading

Prevent Overcharging with Battery 100% Alarm for Android

Battery 100% Alarm

I usually plug-in the battery charger to the wall socket, connect it to my phone and forget about it. A few hours later when I check the phone, it is fully charged. But this wastes a lot of electricity. The smartphones today use latest battery technology and they get fully charged in around one hour. Keeping the battery charger plugged in to the power outlet not only results in an increased electricity bill, but wastes the electric energy unnecessarily that could otherwise Continue reading