Install Android Lollipop Boot Animation in Android KitKat or JellyBean

Android Lollipop Boot Animation

The new Android Lollipop is about to be released and Google has already issued some beta images for the latest version of this most popular smartphone operating system. The final release for the Android Lollipop images may take some months and then the manufacturer of your device will decide whether they should provide an OTA update or not. If you do not want to wait that long for Android Lollipop to arrive for your smartphone, then you can install new Android Lollipop Continue reading

Scan Domains or IP Addresses with Metascan Online

Scan IP Address with Metascan Online

When I encounter a new or never heard of website and I have to use it or download something from it, then I first google about it to find out if it is a safe website. One can also scan the domain name for malicious nature on a reputed service like VirusTotal and avoid visiting if VirusTotal finds the domain infected or compromised. Now Metascan Online has also come up with a similar online service that allows you to scan domains Continue reading

PowerPoint OLE Object Vulnerability in Windows & How to Fix It

Microsoft FixIt 51026

If you have been happily using Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2007, 2010 or 2013), then you are exposing yourself to a serious vulnerability (CVE-2014-6352) found in all the versions of Windows operating system (except Windows Server 2003). Since this vulnerability affects almost all the versions of Windows, some of the security researchers are calling it a Windows super-bug. This new vulnerability exists in the way Microsoft Windows handles the OLE objects hidden inside PowerPoint files. If you open a PowerPoint file downloaded from the internet Continue reading

Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool Cleans Adware from Windows

Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

The premier security software company Bitdefender has released a new free security software called Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool that is able to detect and remove PUPs, adware, toolbars and other unwanted programs from your system. It is specially useful if the antivirus product that you have installed on your Windows PC is not able to protect you from various forms of adware. Although a similar tool was available for the Mac users for some time, Bitdefender has now covered Windows users too with their reputed protection against adware by Continue reading

Quickly Share Pictures, Links & Videos on Google Plus

Google Plus Quick Share

Google Plus has become popular over the past few years among both the smartphone and the personal computer users. While it is very easy to share things like videos, pictures, links and such over the Google plus social network on your smartphone, it is not so easy when you are using a web browser on your desktop computer. But Google has now taken care of this problem and has added a quick share feature on the Google’s homepage. Through this “plus” button it has Continue reading

SecuBrowser : Run Web Browser in Secure Sandbox


We have previously written about Sandboxie which is a freeware sandbox utility for running all Windows programs inside it, so that any changes made through these programs stay in the sandbox temporarily and the system files or settings are not affected. This way if you get infected while surfing a website inside the sandboxed browser, the changes are contained inside the sandbox, can be later purged and do not affect your system. The SecuBrowser tool is a similar sandboxing program for Windows but unlike Continue reading

Visual Trace Route Tool Shows Map of Traced Network Route

Visual Trace Route Tool

All the network administrators know about the traceroute command available in Linux and its equivalent command tracert in Windows. These command show you the exact path of network connections taken when connecting to an external IP address. For example, when you connect to in your web browsers, your computer transfer data directly to the google servers, but it takes a series of hops from one network to another to finally connect to the google servers. The traceroute command show you all Continue reading

View List of All Opened Tabs in Opera

View Tabs List in Opera

After Mozilla Firefox pioneered the tabbed browsing almost ten years ago, all the other web browsers sooner or later had to adopt the tabbed browsing due to its increased popularity. Now all the web browsers available feature tabbed browsing and allow you to open multiple websites simultaneously in these different tabs. As the tabbed browsing has become popular with the users, another problem has surfaced – it has become a tedious task to find and switch to one of the tabs when dozens of tabs are open. Usually we Continue reading

MultCloud : Combine Multiple Cloud Drives into One


To the delight of everyone in need of online storage, there are more than a dozen free cloud storage services available today and each of these are offering anywhere between 5 GB to 50 GB of free cloud storage space. It is not surprising that most of us have signed up for these free accounts from more than one cloud providers. I myself use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,, Dropbox and a few others that I cannot remember at the moment. Continue reading