How to Check & Fix USB OTG Host Support in Android Device

USB Host Check App for Android

The USB OTG (On the Go) technology has made it possible to connect the external USB devices such as keyboard, mice, memory sticks, speakers etc., to your Android device directly. All you have to do is connect the micro-USB end of the OTG cable to you Android device and the attach the USB device to the other end of the cable. Your Android device would automatically recognize the attached device and you can use them right away. Some of the Android devices come with Continue reading

How to Factory Reset an Android Smartphone

Factory Reset Android

With Google Play available in the Android smartphone, very few people keep themselves from installing and trying out new apps and games everyday. But this can make your Android device a little slower over time. This the because some of these apps leave some garbage and user data stored inside your phone and some of the apps always keep running in the background. After a few months, things go so bad that you start wishing if you could start over once again. Fortunately Android Continue reading

ZenMate VPN for Android Hides IP Address and Protects from Harmful Sites

ZenMate VPN for Android

We have earlier reviewed the ZenMate VPN extension for the Chrome browser. Now the same VPN technology is available for the Android smartphones and tablets. The ZenMate VPN for Android allows you to hide your real IP address – providing you anonymity over the internet, compresses your internet traffic - opening sites a little faster and saving the internet bandwidth, and protects you from known harmful sites such as phishing sites – giving you peace of mind while accessing unknown sites online. The Continue reading

Save Printing Paper & Ink Costs with CleanPrint Browser Extension

CleanPrint Browser Extension

My friend Patricia is in the habit of printing anything she deems important on her computer screen. Only a few days ago, she printed out more than hundred pages of Thai recipes which later turned out to be the same one she had printed a few months ago. Printing everything to save it for later is a good idea, but it increases the cost incurred on printing paper and ink or toner. Not to mention that printing is also not very good for the environment as printing Continue reading

Access NTFS & HFS+ File Systems in Android with Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+

Paragon NTFS, exFat, HFS+ for Android

In this technically diverse life, it is very hard to limit oneself to the products of only one manufacturer. And this makes life a little complicated when you want to access the disks formatted for one operating system on some other system, as some of the file systems of one operating system may not be supported by the other operating system. This is true even for the popular Android OS – it does not natively support NTFS used by Windows or HFS+ used by Continue reading

HDD Guardian Monitors HDD and SSD Health in Windows

HDD Guardian

The most important part of any computer is its memory storage whether it is a hard disk drive (HDD) or the new solid state drive (SSD). All your data is stored on these and if something happens to them and they stop working, then you may end up losing all of your data. This is why it is very important to keep a regular backup of your data as well as keep a close watch on your hard disk’s health. The backup would Continue reading

How to Check USB Flash Disk Read & Write Speeds

Check Flash Disk Speed

Everybody wants a faster storage media, be it your computer’s hard disk or a simple USB flash disk. The faster read and write speeds of the storage disks ensure that you won’t have to wait for the file copy operations to be completed for many hours. Some of the USB flash disks are high capacity but slow in read/write speeds and that becomes very annoying if you use them for backup of your important files. This is why should check Continue reading

Download and Install Service Pack 4 for Windows XP

Windows XP SP4

As everybody knows that Microsoft has discontinued the official support for their very popular Windows XP operating system since April 2014. Windows XP is said to be the most popular software Microsoft has produced after their success with Windows 95. The 13 years old Windows XP is still used by millions of people all over the world, despite the fact that Microsoft does not support it anymore. Many of the ATM machines worldwide run on Windows XP operating system as well. After Microsoft stopped Continue reading

CamScanner : Scan Documents with the Android Smartphone Camera

CamScanner for Android

Sometimes when applying for jobs online, the employers ask for sending the scanned copies of the documents over the email or upload to their web site. This is usually not a problem if you are near a scanner or multi-function printer. But when you have to send the scanned documents online as soon as possible and you have no idea where to find a scanner, then it can turn into a nightmare. But if you have an Android smartphone with a camera then you are Continue reading

Enable Built-in Password Generation Feature in Google Chrome

Enable In-built Password Generator in Chrome

On the internet, all of your accounts are protected by just a password whether it is your online banking account, email account, FTP account, PayPal or some other account. If any of these credentials (username and passwords) get into the wrong hands, then you can imagine how much damage can be done to you by cyber-criminals on both the financial and personal levels. They can siphon out all the money from your bank accounts, sell your credit card information and misuse your personal Continue reading