Control Android Smartphone CPU Speed with AnTuTu CPU Master

AnTuTu CPU Master

These days the smartphones are getting more and more powerful every day. Some of the Android based smartphones are actually more powerful in terms of the CPU and the RAM available compared to your PC. For example, my notebook has a 1.8 GHz AMD dual core APU processor, while my Android smartphone has 2 GHz quad-core processor. But these smartphones with faster speeds and multiple cores also consume your phone battery faster. If you are experiencing fast battery draining in your powerful smartphone, then perhaps Continue reading

How to Find Out SIM Card Details in Android

Sim Details for Android

I have never felt the need to change my mobile network provider, and I have been using the same provider for last eight years. And as you would expect after so much time and having used the same SIM card in more than five mobile phones, one day it just stopped working. No mobile phone was able to get network signal with this SIM card. So finally I contacted my mobile network provider for issuing a duplicate SIM card. All I had to do is fill Continue reading

Automatically Backup Android Camera Shots on OneDrive Cloud Storage

OneDrive Camera Backup

One of the complaints of the smartphone users that is often heard is that they accidentally deleted their pictures and videos that they had taken while on vacation. Although there are several file recovery apps for Android, yet recovering the deleted files from a smartphone often is a lengthy and costly procedure and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. This is why backing up your files regularly is very important. If you want to safeguard your pictures and videos Continue reading

Set Trendy Ringtones in Android with the Cool Ringtones App

Cool Ringtones for Android

I don’t usually take the bus, but I was forced to take one yesterday when my car just stopped working in the morning. Riding in the bus was an adventure itself. At first I was irritated as there were too many weirdos staring at me, but then they got off the bus and a much younger crowd came in. Some of these young people had very nice ringtones in their phones. These ringtones were not based on any of the songs that I had listened Continue reading

Ringdroid is Ringtone Editor for Android Smartphones

Ringdroid Ringtone Editor for Android

Has it ever happened to you that you listened to a song or piece of music and you wanted to have it as the ringtone of your mobile phone? Although you can take the MP3 of that song or music and set it as the ringtone of your phone, but when your phone rings the whole of the song starts to play. This is definitely not a good idea. What you would want is that only a portion of that song (perhaps the most Continue reading

Add OneDrive to Windows File Explorer with SDExplorer Base


Microsoft has announced their plans for the Windows 9 and there is a rumor going around that OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) would be tightly integrated in the Windows File Explorer in this new version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. But if you are a user of earlier versions of Windows, then you can still integrate OneDrive cloud storage account in Windows File Explorer with the help of free SDExplorer Base. This software allows you to access your OneDrive cloud storage easily from Continue reading

Display Network Signal Strength Value in Android Notification Bar

Signal Notification for Android

The practice of showing the mobile network signal strength in form of five bars is in place for more than a decade now. The better signal you are receiving, the more bars you see in the phone. But lately in some Android smartphones, the mobile network signal strength is always shown to its full five bars no matter how poor reception you are getting. This is very confusing because even in case of very poor signal, you stay under the impression that you Continue reading

Quickly Change Locales in Firefox with Simple Locale Switcher

Simple Locale Switcher for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a very flexible web browser. It gives the users countless ways to customize the features, behavior and the look of the browser through the add-ons. Although Firefox is available in many different locales (user interface languages) and you can download the Firefox setup installer with the locale of your preference, but if you speak or use more than two languages then Firefox also gives you to install languages packs so that you can change the user interface language any time Continue reading

Spoof Your IP Address with Dolus Add-on for Firefox

Dolus - Spoof Your IP Address

There are one hundred and one reasons why people try to hide their real IP address – their online privacy and having the ability to access the blocked content being the top two of them. And when it comes to hiding the IP address, most people think of using a VPN server or a proxy server, both of which require installation of additional software or configuring settings in your web browser. But why go through all that trouble when you can spoof your IP Continue reading

Say Yo! to All Your Friends with the Yo App in Android

Yo App

The word “Yo” has become very popular everywhere in the world. People say “Yo” when they meet to greet each other, when they get excited about something, and they say “Yo” many times to someone when they want to attract their attention. This word has also been used in many of the rap songs. As far as I understand, the reason for so much popularity of this simple word is its simplicity, brevity and at the same time immense versatility of usage. So if Continue reading