Movie to Gif : Make GIF Animations from Videos

Movie to GIF

Have you ever seen those funny and smart animations running in someone’s facebook comment, on tumbler, personal blogs or some online forums? Those are GIF animations (GIF files) mostly created from some or other videos. You can also create your own GIF animations using the free software called Movie to Gif. This software takes any video as the input, lets you select the video portion from which you want to create the animation and then generates the GIF animation right away. Compared to some other Continue reading

Analyze Android Storage with Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer

Disk Usage and Storage Analyzer for Android

After installing a few updates, apps and copying some music on my Android phone, I was suddenly presented with a warning about low disk space. Android refused to install any more apps and Google Play Store would give strange errors. After I managed to remove some of the music, the first thing I installed was Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer app. This app can analyze your storage on both the internal and external SD cards and show you the space Continue reading

Set New Preferences Interface as Default in Firefox

Set New Firefox Preferences Interface as Default

Firefox 31 has been released and as with every major release, it also has come with some new changes. The new version of Firefox has much more improved preferences interface which can be compared with the preferences interface of Google Chrome. You can open this preferences interface screen that opens inside a tab by typing about:preferences in the Firefox address bar. It has all the same options and settings to be configured as you would find in the Firefox Options window (that can be Continue reading

Access Mac Partitions in Windows with Paragon HFS+ for Windows

Paragon HFS Plus for Windows

Apple Mac computers use the HFS+ partitions which are illegible to the Windows operating systems. So if you format a USB pen drive using the HFS+ partition in your Mac, then it cannot be accesses in your Windows PC simply because HFS+ is not supported in Windows. Similarly, you cannot attach your Mac hard disk into your Windows PC to retrieve important data from it. But with the free Paragon HFS+ driver for Windows 8 / 8.1, now it has Continue reading

Automatically Update Software with Ketarin in Windows

Ketarin Update Checker

The first thing you do after buying your new Windows PC is to install all kinds of software downloaded from the internet. For example, the web browsers, email clients, chatting applications, office suites, antivirus and anti-malware applications, games and so on. But after the initial overflow of the installation buzz, we stop paying attention to these programs and often forget to update them. This negligence towards regular updates is partly due to the cumbersome process of checking multiple sites for finding Continue reading

Glary Quick Startup : Manage Auto-starting Programs in Windows

Glarysoft Quick Startup

One of the main reasons why a standard Windows PC starts to become sluggish in performance is the increased number of auto-starting programs. These programs compete with each other to run at Windows startup and not only make the Windows boot slower, but also reduces its overall performance as some of these programs keep running in the background. You would be surprised to find out how many of these auto-startup programs run at startup in a typical Windows PC. You can use the Glary Quick Continue reading

Check for Available Software Updates with Glary Software Update

Glary Software Update

Last week when I visited my friend James, I came to know that he was using a new version of FileZilla (an open source FTP program). I wondered why I don’t have the latest version and soon figured out that my friend uses a program called Glary Software Update that keeps informing him about any new versions of the installed software available for download. I tried this software too and it showed me a big list of updates for the software that Continue reading

Glary File Undelete Helps Recover Deleted Files

Glary File Undelete

There is no tragedy in the computer world that can be the cause of as poignant anxiety as the loss of your valuable data. Imagine that you have been storing your children’s pictures and videos on your hard disk and suddenly in an unfortunate moment you accidentally end up deleting these files. If the most expensive of your computer hardware fails or gets damaged, then you can replace it easily. But when the data loss occurs, there is no replacement. This is Continue reading

Sync Files Between PC and Android with Cheetah Sync

Cheetah Sync for Android

Every time I come home after my morning walk in the park, my Android smartphone is full of new pictures of flowers, trees, people and other random things that I observe in the morning. The pictures are exquisitely beautiful specially in the winter times when everything is covered with a layer of white snow. But then I have to look for my USB cable, which takes a considerable time as my little Chihuahua dog often runs away with it, so that I can Continue reading

Instantly Clean Browsing History of Current Page with Forget Me for Chrome

Forget Me for Chrome

So you got curious about a ill-reputed website that they were talking about in the news or gossiping about in the office and opened it in your web browser to see what all the fuss was about. But this follows with a sense of apprehension – what if someone finds that you visited that site? And now you have to clear your entire browsing history because you do not want anyone to find about it and you forgot to use the incognito Continue reading