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LICECap : Capture Screen Activity into GIF Files

If you want to make a tutorial about how to do something in your Windows PC, then it is best to capture the video or animation of that activity. The free LICECap application allows you to record screen activities into a GIF animation. This GIF file can be viewed using any popular image viewer, can be embedded inside a webpage or shared with friends. You can use LICECap to record many things like a chatting session or computer problem etc.

RIOT : Reduce the Size of JPG, PNG and GIF Images

The pictures you snap with your digital camera are high resolution pictures – very fine in detail and quality, but very large in file size. You cannot transfer such large files on the Internet easily, therefore it is the usual practice to reduce the image file size before sharing them online. The RIOT (radical image optimization tool) is a free software that can help you easily reduce the file size of your pictures. It supports JPG, PNG and GIF image types.

Create Mixed Tape CD Gift for Your Friends

When someone says mixed tape, it takes me back to 90s when these kind of tapes were very popular. People spent hours recording songs on their tape recorder from sources like radio or other cassette tapes and put a lot of effort in the mixed tapes. Although mixed tapes are no longer that much popular, but these days you can create a mixed tape in a few clicks on your computer. All you need is a collection of MP3 songs, a blank CD and the Random MixTape Maker software.

Take Control of GIF Playback in Chrome with GIF Scrubber

Last week, my little niece said that she could not view her picture on school website. Apparently, that website had made a GIF animation image from all the student pictures and the animation speed was so fast that you could not really look at any single picture clearly. After some searching around, I found GIF Scrubber, an extension for Google Chrome which can control the playback speed of GIF image files, pause the animation and allows you to extract the separate images from frames as well.

Psykogif : Create Animated GIF Images from Your Webcam

GIF (graphics interchange format) images contain a series of bitmaps which are shown one after another in a serial order giving an illusion of animation. We have recently published an article on the free online GIFPAL service for making GIF animations easily. But if you are overwhelmed with the huge array of options in the GIFPAL, then you might want to use Psykogif. Psykogif is another free online service using which you can create GIF animations of pictures taken using your webcam.

GIFPAL : Create GIF Animations Online

GIF is a special type of image format that embeds a series of images which give an effect of an animation being played. Creating GIF animations usually requires a picture editor like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. But these are difficult to work with and have a long learning curve. If you want to create a GIF animation, then you can quickly create GIF animations using the free online service GIFPAL.