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YouZeek : Discover, Play and Share Music Online [Legally]

If you love to listen to the latest music, then you would love YouZeek. YouZeek is a free online app that enables you to search for music artists, their songs and listen to them. You can also discover new artists and music through its web interface. All this is done legally and no copyrights are violated because YouZeek does not store any copyrighted content on its servers but relies on legal sources like Youtube. So basically YouZeek is an aggregator of music videos available on Youtube.

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Audiggle : Identify Which Song is Being Played

When we listen to a song that we have never listened to before, then we want to know more about that song – when that song came out, what is the name of the album and artist etc. This happens to all of us especially when listening to the radio. Earlier I used to try to memorize the lyrics to later google them and hoping to find some information. But now I have found an amazing application called Audiggle which can identify any song or music being played on your PC, Radio or TV.

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