Drag and Move Objects Easily with Mouse ClickLock in Windows

Mouse ClickLock

When you have to drag objects (windows, files, folders etc.) around in Windows, you have to click on these objects, hold the click and then move the mouse cursor to the location where you want to drop them. As soon as you release the click, the objects are also released in their new position. This maneuver requires you to hold the mouse left-button for a long time. These mouse buttons are usually make use of the micro push switches that employ Continue reading

Play PC Games Smoother with IObit Game Assistant

IObit Game Assistant

If you use a dedicated game console like Xbox or Playstation, then you probably do not have to worry about adjusting your system prior to launching a computer game.  This is usually the sort of worry that PC gamers have to deal with. Since a PC is used for all types of applications, it is a good idea to terminate the programs running in the background and close down unnecessary windows so that you have more free resources available for your PC games. Continue reading

Disable Suggested Sites in Mozilla Firefox

Disable Firefox Suggested Sites

With new versions of Firefox, Mozilla intends to suggest you some of the advertised sites in order to increase their revenue. These suggested sites shall be displayed in the new tab page when you open a new tab. The tiles of suggested sites are blended with the most frequented sites in such a way that you cannot find which one is suggested and which is your most frequented website unless you care to read a small “suggested” written under some of the Continue reading

Publish Websites Using Project Maelstrom

Maelstrom Web Developer Tools

Earlier we posted about Project Maelstrom created by BitTorrent that allows you to access websites hosted over peer-to-peer networks. Such websites do not require a standard web server, but their files are accessed using torrents. While this is an interesting project, it has some bottlenecks like the impossibility of server side scripting or database connections. You cannot really dream of building such BitTorrent sites using WordPress or some other CMS, but it is not bad for static web sites. So here we are Continue reading

Project Maelstrom Introduces Serverless Static Websites

Project Maelstrom

It is a matter of common knowledge that for publishing your website online, you need to have access to a web serve that can serve your site’s pages through a domain name. The web server is needed because it always stays online (at least most of them claim to be always online) and can serve your web site non-stop round the clock. But now BitTorrent has started a new project called Project Maelstrom that can help you publish your websites even without a web server. Instead Continue reading

Ransomware Response Kit Helps Remove Ransomware from Your System

TeslaCrypt Ransomware

Ransomware is a special breed of malware that encrypts your personal files and then demands a ransom for their decryption. It is a serious crime and the criminals seem to have been making millions in profit every year through this. We have mentioned several times that the only effective way to thwart such attacks is by keeping regular backups of all of your important files. If you have backup of your files then you do not have worry about malware attacks and can easily Continue reading

How to Extract Images from Microsoft Word DOCX Files

Extract Images from DOCX

Believe it or not, your inkjet printers can give you hours of fun. Earlier today one of my friends damaged his inkjet printer when he was trying to replace the ink cartridges with new ones. He tried to fix it for many hours by himself but only managed to cause further damage to some of the electronic parts and splatter the ink on the floor. So that’s that. Now I have to do all the printing for him. He has sent me some Continue reading

Unified Remote Turns Smartphone into PC Remote

Unified Remote

More and more people are choosing to watch movies and TV shows over Netflix and Hulu and are having their traditional cable TV subscriptions canceled. This has created a demand for the new smart TVs that can go online and show you content from on-demand streaming media providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. But even if you do not have a smart TV capable to playing movies from Netflix, you can use your PC to enjoy these movies and shows online. Apart from a smaller screen, the only other Continue reading

Watch Youtube Videos in Android Even When Offline

Youtube Offline Videos

We all weakness for some or other types of Youtube videos and we can spend hours watching them. I myself, for example, get very excited watching those street food videos in all different exotic locations of world, for some inexplicable reason. My niece, on the other hand, watches makeup and hair do videos as much as she can. As I write this, she is watching a video on the art of taking great selfies. But all this Youtube fun goes poof when an Continue reading

hp Universal Printer Driver : One Driver for All Printers

hp universal printer driver

Recently, when my niece managed to damage her inkjet printer, I had to bring it to my place to repair it. The ink cartridges needed to be fixed and I had to connect it to my PC for testing. But that was an open invitation to the driver hell syndrome. I had to uninstall my printer’s driver, reboot Windows, install her printer’s drivers, reboot once again and then I could use her printer in my PC. You have to do this every Continue reading