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Disable Notification to install Flash in Firefox

If you have not installed Adobe Flash (perhaps because you do not need it) and you visit a website containing Flash animation or movies, then Firefox notifies you to install Flash. This notification may be useful for those who would want to install Flash, but it is very annoying if you wish to stay away from Flash and just want to use HTML5 media. If you do not like this notification in Firefox, then you can easily disable it.

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Run Two or More Versions of Firefox At the Same Time

The development phase of Firefox involves four stages – nightly, pre-beta (aurora), beta and the final release version. Some people, including me, are always using the nightly version (together with the release version) to check what new features are being added in the upcoming releases. Usually you cannot run more than one version of Firefox at the same time. But there is an easy way through which you can run two or more versions of Firefox simultaneously.

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